Cutting down on post harvest losses
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Cold storage is one of the technologies critical for post harvest handling of fruits . However, conventional cold rooms are unaffordable many farmers. That is why Dr Ambuko and her project partners are piloting the Coolbot Technology as a low-cost cold-storage option for smallholder horticultural farmers in Africa.

Coolbot is an electronic gadget which when attached to an insulated room that is fitted with a standard air conditioner, turns it to a cold room. With cold storage,the quality of perishable fruits and vegetables can be preserved for a longer period thereby extending their shelf life, ultimately reducing post harvest losses.

Dr Jane Ambuko is a don at University of Nairobi, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, Depatartment of Plant Science and Crop Protection who using her expertise in Postharvest Science and Technology to help smallholder farmers reduce post harvest losses in perishable horticultural crops (mainly fruits and vegetables).