PhD Abstracts
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 Luambano-Nyoni Nessie

 Characterisation of the ideal bean (phaseolus vulgaris l.) Genotype for intercropping

Name Title supervisor year of graduation
Dr Aluka Pauline Genetic and Phenotypic diversity of cultivated robusta coffee in Uganda and effect of environmental factors on quality

Dr Ngugi

Prof Solomon Shibairo



Birithia K. Rael Identification and distributio of thrips-vectored tospoviruses and management of iris yellow spot virus in onion

Dr Narla


Dr Subramanian

Dr James Muthomi



Dr Dora Kilalo Virus diagnostics and vector dynamics in passion fruit orchards   2012
Dr  Maina muiru Histological studies and characterization of races of
the causal agent of northern leaf blight of maize in Kenya”
Dr James Muthomi

Comparative studies on virulence, genetic variability

and mycotoxin production among isolates of fusarium

Species infecting wheat

Dr. E. W. Mutitu,
2. Prof. Dr. H.-W. Dehne,

 Esther w. Njoya-kimani

Studies Of Fungal Disease Agents And Their Interactions With Nematodes, Nutrition And Genotypes Of Pyrethrum Wilt Development

Dr. E.W Mutitu
Prof. S.W. Waudo, Kenyatta University
Dr. S.D. Obukosia


 Luambano-Nyoni Nessie

Potential Of Biocontrol Agents And Compatible Cultural Practices For Root-Knot Nematode Management In Tomato

 Dr. John W. Kimenju
Dr. R.D. Narla
Prof. Brian R. Kerry (Nematology Interaction Institute)
Rothamsted Research Institute)
Prof. Waceke J. Wanjohi, KU

 Samuel g.S. Muigai

Prof. V.K. Gupta
Dr. A.P. Tyagi

 Eunice Wanjiru Mutitu

FUSARIUM YELLOWS OF BEANS CAUSED BY Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. phaseoli IN KENYA Prof. D.M. Mukunya
Prof. S.O. Keya

 Cecilia Moraa Onyango

Preharvest and postharvest facors affecting yield and nutrient contents of vegetable amaranth ( var. Amaranthus hypochondriacus)

Prof. Dr. Olaf van Kooten, Wageningen University
Dr. Jeremy Harbinson, Ass. Professor, Wageningen University
Prof. Jasper K. Imungi
Ben Wafula Kisielo Wanjala

 Interference of kikuyu grass (pennisetum clandestinum, hochst.ex-chievo.) And effects of herbicides on yield and quality of pyrethrum (chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium. Vis.)

Dr. E.S. Ariga
Prof. P.O. Ayiecho
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