Vision, Mission and Core Values
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To be a leading and vibrant center of excellence for training, research, development, preservation and dissemination of knowledge in Crop Sciences and environmental  conservation.


To provide a conducive learning environment for quality education and training  that  promotes  scholarship, stimulates innovative research and technology development,  consultancy and community service for improved livelihoods and sustainable development.

Core Values

The department shall aspire individually and collectively to nurture the following core values:

  • Endeavor to uphold excellence, academic freedom, and professionalism.
  • Create and maintain a sense of belonging, project a positive image of the department and maintain collective responsibility.
  • Strive to uphold the virtues of integrity, honesty, meritocracy and fair play in all our activities and in development of morally and ethically upright professionals.
  • Commit ourselves to teamwork and seek to build strong partnerships with all stakeholders.
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