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Professor James Muthomi


Efficacy Of Botanical And Biological Fungicides In Management Of Fusarium Wilt And Root Knot Nematode In Tomato

  Aflatoxin Research in Kenya Presentation

Effect Of Cropping Systems on the Occurence Of Fungal And Bacterial Diseases Of Legumes In Western Kenya

  Efficacy of potassium salts of fatty acids in management of pestson snap bean_2014_HAK Conference_Ongoya et al Presentation

Levels of Seed And Soil Borne inoculum In Nandi South And Bean Root Rot Management By Seed Dressing

  Management of Root Knot Nematodes and Fusarium Wilt of Tomato by Pre-Treatment of Seedlings with Biological and Chemical Agents Presentation
  Management of snap bean pests by integrating seed dressing, foliar Presentation

Occurrence Of Fusarium Species In Aflasafe Treated Maize Fields In Lower Eastern Kenya

  Occurrence of bacterial wilt in Kenya and its management using tolerant rootstocksl Presentation
  Role of agronomic practices on the occurrence of Fusarium head blight of wheat in Nakuru County, Kenya Presentation

Role of crop residues and soil as sources of inoculum for fusarium head blight of wheat